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Re: Getting paranoid

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@hides 22455 wrote:

Hi evie and sam
So pleased things went well for both of you. But do try to relax alittle, although i can understand your worries. As long as you are following the food instructions both of you will be fine. Sounds like your minds are running wild ( meant in the nicest way ) . There is no way at this early stage of band slippage, however the wind is normal….. And usually at both ends.

Just take things easy, and a week from now you’ll wonder what you were thinking. Smile ladies this is the start of your new life .
Best wishes

Fantastic advice Hides. I think we all feel like this after surgery and you know what, I think I know why. In my own case anyway.

We have usually spent so many years pre surgery expecting things to go wrong for us that it becomes a ‘habit’ to dread the worst. It’s like we can’t accept that just for once, something has gone right for us!! I know that for many weeks post op, I almost looked for things to go wrong as it was all I had known for years and years. When things started to go right and I was losing weight and getting my life back, it was almost like I didn’t ‘deserve’ it. Does that make any sense at all to any of you? I know mine was down to guilt at letting my life (and weight) get so out of control that I didn’t deserve things to go well. After 6 months and 6st lost, I realised that everything was going to be ok. I now expect things to go well and am occasionally surprised when they don’t! I have become an optimist through wls. Amazing isn’t it how one operation can change my whole attitude to life in addition to making it better.
Hope you haven’t fallen asleep half way through this haha! I just wanted to share how normal it is to feel what you are feeling.

Doodah x

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