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LOL, I wish it was me just thinnking I can eat too much. That was just lunch! Breakfast landed up being a latte with a Greg’s chicken pasty (my daughter bought it for herself and gave it to me ffs), then I managed to pooch a ham sandwich in the middle of the day after lunch of my poached eggs on toast, grapes, a banana, 5 coffee’s and I’ve just had a large plate of lasagne and a handful of chips with bread. Later it will be half a big orange, a banana, grapes and about 1/4 of a melon. That’s a good day!!! The scales are telling me how much of a pig I am being as I’ve gained 8lbs in less than 4 weeks. I know it isn’t much but those 8lbs can easilly turn into 8 stone for me if I carry on like I am doing. I just can’t seem to stop myself.
I wanted to speak to Mr Adamo about it all but alas, NHS and all that, my appointment was cancelled in Jan and put back until May. I do really feel I need to talk to someone not only about the amount I can eat and the things I can eat but my whole psych at the moment. It’s not good and I know it. Even my ex husband who I’ve been back with for the last year is suffering and is now only coming round once a week rather than every day. There’s only a certain amount someone can put up with when they are having icicles thrown at them on a daily basis.

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