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Hi Betty, sorry to hear about your confusion, having any type of GBS is something to consider for the long term weight loss and healthier existance.
During your review the surgeons should have suggested what better suits your eating habbits, bands suit some but not others.
They know best, but I expect as you are paying private they are leaving the decision in your hands, both operations will give results so you need to ask yourself just how in control can I be…
Bands can reversed should you ever decide to remove it, from my knowledge on here you need to have more will power with a band and some go onto have a bypass later on. Their can be quite a few visits for fills etc to get the tightness right.
Nobody can promise you you wont be sick, but expect it to be less likely with the band as it is more a restriction than a full bypass where the pouch rejects food by frothing or being sick…

A bypass is more permenant but for some of us more necessary as we might not have the will power to diet with a band. Bandsters can cheat more I believe just by making things slide through the restriction….

Bypassers can become a little intolerant or more sensative to certain foods, it really is a lottery with each individual and one day can be different from another. please dont let that put you of, many of us go onto enjoy all the foods we did in the pasbut the process itself makes it easier to make healthier choices (most of the time). Cutting the nerve that tells your brain you are hungry is amazing… imagine never feeling actually hungry ( just sometime head hunger…. emotional eating etc)

Either way you go Betty their will be some minor ailments throughout your recovery but the benefits far outweigh the frothing or sickness….

As i have said many times I wish I could show you your future in a crystal ball…. it is for me an amazing adventure, the best decision I ever made..

pros and cons…. either options would give you results, just need to hear and read some of the stories…. try to get to a local support group if you can, take hubby too…. their is a lot of support out here before and after any procedure…were all living our lives and wanting to share our adventure…

not sure that helps and look forward to some others replying soon

Andy ( Buzz ) currentley in Hong Kong working…. andeating too much lol 🙂

good luck

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