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@Luella 17925 wrote:

Hi there, I am also thinking of getting a band done and am going to my 1st consultation tomorrow with xxxx. the biggest worry for me is that I have about 9 stones to loose but I put such weight on basically because I eat emotionally and it’s become such a habit over the years. To address this I have been referred by my doctor to the local eating disorders clinic which came as somewhat of a shock that I was a compulsive binge eater but I suppose it’s true. The bottom line is that for me there was little point in getting a band if I didn’t address the reason why I eat so much in the first place. So I am going to do both, the band can help me physically and act as a crutch and the eating clinic can help me to find other coping mechanisms rather than one I choose now. I hope by sharing a bit of my story this helps you.

This is such a wise piece of advice Luella. I had three years of therapy before I had my bypass. I needed to know the reasons why I turned to food in the darker moments of my life. I really helped. I have lost my weight and kept it off (3 years post op) and I’m certain the therapy played as much part as weight loss surgery.

Doodah x

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