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Re: Gastric sleeve surgery

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Hi Doodah
I’m really surprised more people aren’t looking into having the Sleeve, it’s a really great alternative to the Bypass and a much more certain outlook compared to the Band, with few ongoing problems.

When I was investigating my WLS options, I started at the Band as I didn’t want anything ‘permanent’ but the more I researched it the more problems I discovered. That’s not to say if you are enjoying success with the band, then fantastic, it’s just I really didn’t want to do all those follow-up visits to keep having ‘fills’ plus the margin for error on these seemed quite wide with a lot of people finding it difficult to get the fill level right in order to lose weight consistently. I also didn’t like the idea of a port being permanently under my skin and the many people who have had band slippage, scar tissue and excessive vomiting.. I did so much research I completely changed my mind on the band as a viable option for me due to all the things that can go wrong at a later stage.

So it was a choice for me of the Sleeve or the Bypass. The Bypass has fabulous results for a lot of people and I understand why this is one of the most popular surgeries but I really didn’t like the idea of re-plumbing my body or indeed the malabsorption and what this could do to me in the longer term, afterall this is a life-long decision.

I therefore came across the Gastric Sleeve and discovered it was originally carried out as a first step for patients to help them lose weight before they had the full Bypass but so many patients lost weight on it, many didn’t need to go on and have the bypass. This surgery entails having 85% of your stomach removed and leaving you with a sleeve which will hold around an egg-sized portion of food. Also the hunger hormone, gherlin is significantly reduced following surgery. You can eventually eat a normal diet (nothing is off the menu apart from carbonated drinks) you just eat much smaller portions and get full much quicker.

This to me seemed like the answer to my prayers! To not feel hungry, to be able to eat anything but just very small amounts seemed exactly the ticket to suit me.

Having been through the surgery now (although I am still only 2 weeks post-op) my recovery has been amazing, I feel great and I am tolerating everything I have tried so far. The biggest challenge has been to learn when I am full and listen to my body.. slow down when eating and only have very small portions. I am loving the fact that I am not starving hungry any more and small amounts of food satisfy me. This is very strange indeed as I could literally snack all day and evening so I am finding this quite an adjustment!

So far I have lost 21lbs and for the first time in my life I am certain I am going to finally lose my excess weight and keep it off! I have over 90lbs still to lose so the road is long, but somehow I think I will get fairly quick results and that’s amazing to me as I have always been a very slow loser and have always given up long before reaching goal in my previous attempts!

So far so good, I know I still have a long way to go, but really it’s incredible and I’m so happy I’ve had this done. I can’t compliment Mr Shaw Somers enough either, fabulous surgeon and amazing care all round.!

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