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Re: gastric band Questions – answers please

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@Bigsister 21467 wrote:

Hi Talula, My name is Susan [I’m 66] and I had a gastric band in 2008. I’ll try and answer your questions for you, by working down the list.
I have acheived target weight. I was 22 stone to start with, and lost 10 stone in the first year, then 1 more stone the next few months. Went from a BMi of 50 to one of 23 – 25, it varies by 7lbs now either way. Over Christmas I gained 7lbs but am working at the gym to lose that asap. I have managed to maintain my goal weight, although my goal weight was my decision, no one told me what I should aim for.
I have not suffered with a pain where my port is. It can feel uncomfortable if you lay directly on it, mine is on the left at the edge of my ribs. I usually sleep on the my front and that causes me no discomfort. I can lay on each side too, it only takes a slight change of position to get comfy.
I did have to have my gall bladder out 2 years ago because of a large gall stone, but whether this had been growing for a while or not I don’t know. That op was only an overnighter, so that was no problem.
I have never wished I’d had a bypass, that at my age was something I didn’t feel was for me. I do think that to be successful with a band you have to be quite a disciplined person to do well. And it depends on what sort of an eater you are. I was not a huge sweet or chocolate person, but I did eat them of course. My problem was the huge, huge portions I ate. I never felt I was full, I would eat at every opportunity. Although my portion size has had to decrease dramatically, I dont seem to miss it. I have to eat slower, and chew for longer, so that usually my husband who eats ‘normal’ sized portions and I normally finish together. This was one thing he did worry about before I had the band. I can remember him saying ‘but we won’t be able to go out to eat anymore’. Wrong! It has made no difference at all. You do have to get used to not drinking with your meal, I leave 15 mins before and at least 30 mins afterwards. Most pubs will serve smaller portions, and if they don’t I go prepared with my own doggy bag, and I’ll have the leftovers for tea!
Also having the gastric band was the very, very best thing I have ever done in my whole life. I used to struggle along with a stick, get called names in the street etc etc. You would not recognise my life now, there is NOTHING I can’t do, nothing. I love my life now, I wake each day excited about another day. It just super. I bore people to tears talking about it. haha.
I do have some loose skin, but not nearly as much as I would have thought. As I said I lost 11 stone, so that was one of the things that I was concerned about. . I don’t have problems with it. I look at it in the mirror and it reminds me how far I have come. [Mirrors were a huge no no at one time, now I become a bit vain, lol] I think of my loose skin as a badge of acheivement.
If there is anything else I can help you with – do get in touch, Doodah will give you my contact details. Lots of luck and love with your decision. X

Thank you SO much Susan. You are a superstar and no mistake. Such an inspiration to other bandsters. Your honesty and openness is so uplifting. We are so lucky to have you on board.

Sue xxxxxx

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