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Re: gastric band Questions – answers please

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Hello Heidi,
The only exercise I did was to walk. Now I have joined the gym, which i love, not necessarily to lose weight but just to get fitter. I certainly am no cook, in fact if i did I think i would get tempted more. I usually eat those little meals from Sainsburys or Waitrose, but usually cannot manage a whole one, with extra veg, so often have the other half for tea. I do love salmon, which I cook from fresh in the microwave, just 2 mins, and have that with rice thread noodles, my latest passion. So quick too. In the early days soft food is vital, then like a baby wean yourself onto firmer textures. Careful with portion size. If you take your time, and eat really slowly, you will notice the full feeling in time, unlike the old days when it was only after I’d finished a mountain of food did i know i’d eaten to much. Too late then!

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