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Re: Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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Donna O

Oh my gosh all of these stories are so scary,im due to go in to st richards hosp on the 20th of this month to discuss my options and meet with the team ,i have been excepted for funding so i just need to see now if they except me and what op they want to do ,reading these stories really put me off im in two minds already whether to go ahead with surgery,but i feel i have no other alternatieve i have done every diet thinkable and always given up after a while through boredom or not loosing enough each week.Its something i have been thinking about for a year now,ive been reading up on it and looking at the different procedures .One day i wake up and i really want to go for it then other days i wake up and feel its just too risky one im afraid im gonna die through it and two im worried about complications like this .I know i have to do something as i want to be around for my kiddies its no fun living how i am .I have already started on a calorie controlled diet as i was due to have my gallbladder out in march but on the day of surgery the surgeon told me it was too risky and i needed to loose weight ,he suggested a calorie controlled diet and he put me forward to the nhs for funding hence why im on here, i have lost nearly 2 stone but its taken 12 weeks and only living on 1000 cals a day ,but its so difficult.Can anyone honestly say they have had one of the operations done and it has been a sucess and they are truly happy now .Hope somone replies as im very confused with it all just dont know what to do .Thanks

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