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Re: Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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Thank you to all its a comfort to read and know its not just me, i had such bad times with the band it was a nightmare, the injections were so painful taking 6,7 or 8 attempts sometimes walking away without a fill, id sit and cry in the car park like someone who’d lost someone when really all i wanted was some restriction in my band. I can only remember 1 successful fill just before Christmas they put in 2.5mls i was restricted, but it seemed to get more and more restricted as i drove back home 2hrs in the car, then we had a heavy snow fall and i was snowed in, i couldn’t eat or drink only suck ice cubes, i rang local hospital and oncall in kent they couldnt help me,i couldn’t get back to west sussex, eventually after a week it loosened itself and i began eating puree again, but thats the only time i can remember being restricted, and just before i went into hospital a week yesterday i was so poorly with the band vomiting at everything with this infection it has been a real rough ride.
As you say its your whole family that go through it too. Im currently at 18st 08lb but dread it going up AGAIN. I just feel confused what to do at the moment. The other thing i would make sure of is that i go back on the chichester suit as they deal with our type of surgery daily, whereas on the normal wards they dont, and too do not cater for you, and yes u get given a standard gown which just fitted but on the chichester suit u get given a larger one that you feel at ease in.
Its been real lovely talking to you all as i dont have many people to talk with who have had the opp, thank you x

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