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Re: Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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sooo sorry hayley-bless your heart
I had a terrible experience with the band ended up in st richards with malnutrition then had bypass at st richards by the wonderful SHAW Somers however this too(although much healthier eating than the band) has been very dissapointing too
as my weight losses are non exsistant if i eat anything over 850 calories per day i GAIN weight and still have 150lbs to lose
surgeons say its due to becoming ”metabolically compromised” as a direct result of the malnutrition my body stores everything i eat as fat stores
so i TOO am buggered and find it very hard to live like this and not see weight losses as ironically pre bypass I would have lost weight on this amount of calories!!!
still my BMI is still 40(so still a candidate for bariatric surgery today 26 months after bypass)it was 70
so that is soo much healthier
I have health problems which i never had before due to sheer weight of all the excess skin after losing 164lbs
and have lost 2 appeals to PCT for funding as they view excess skin removal as a ”cosmetic” surgery when in fact i have a medical condition and can no longer share a physical relationship with my darling husband
so all in all its very sad
but I was sad to read your post and hear your story
I wish you well
but just take a bit of time to eat sensibly- build up your strength again before deciding what you want to do
all the very best my love

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