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Re: Gastric Band Opp Gone Wrong Twice Now i have none

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Hi Hayley,

Sorry to hear of your problems. I felt exactly as you do now when I had my band removed. Could I face another op? Would it work? I didn’t have to make my mind up straight away, I had a few months. As my weight inevitably started creeping upwards again, I got to the point of realising that without a bypass, I would likely never conquer my weight issues. I had my bypass a year after my band removal (would have been quicker, but the waiting list at the time was horrendous!). I have not had an easy ride since my op, but that was not because I was a band to bypass revision. I know many revisionists who all love their bypasses and wish they had gone straight for this rather than the band, I think the idea that the band is less invasive and revserible is the lure that attracts many, but the reality of living with a band is quite different! That said of course, many get on great with their bands.

For me, living day to day with the bypass is much easier, I can eat most things, just less of it. I have very little appetite, most days! Of course, it is not a magic cure, and unless you feel completely ready for a bypass, I would say take your time to think it through. Research, speak to other revisionists and then decide. Not sure who your surgeon is, but the team at St Richards are fab.

BTW, after my bypass, I was re-admitted to St Richards and not taken to the Chicheser Suite! I felt a bit miffed at the time, mainly because the rest of the hospital cannot provide big gowns or the special weeny portions of food (I was only 4 days post op at the time) – I got told to sort my own food out! We do get spoiled in the Chichester Suite! However, it feels a bit isolating out there in the main hospital, so I do empathise with you…

Anyway, good luck recovering and on making your decisions for your path ahead.


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