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Re: Gastric Band Happy Endings??

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I had to have it removed in 03. I began to feel weird – not sick but waves of weird feelings in the stomach area. To cut a long story short, I phoned Mr Fiennes (my first surgeon) and he told me to go into St Georges the next day (I’d moved over to NHS by this time). I went in and they did an endoscopy and found the band had cheesewired into my stomach and hanging lifeless inside. No wonder I was feeling funny!! Anyway, the next day, the band had to be removed. I was only the 2nd patient it had happened to for him at the time and he told me it was through no fault of my own and they didn’t know why it had happened. It wasn’t as if it was filled to the fullest amount. I was devastated as you can imagine but I was put onto Reductil for 5 years which helped me keep stable ish but then they stopped working and for the last 3 years, I fought the PCT. So far, I’d say I loved my band more than bypass simply because it was easier to control my eating with it. I’m more for savoury stuff and so sweet disolving food wasn’t too much of an issue for me. With the bypass, you don’t have that valve at the bottom of your stomach so in theory, if you eat slowly and chew loads, you can still over eat. Same as with the band but ultimately, with the band the valve does stop you from putting so much in I guess. Again, I was lucky with the band and could eat anything, even things people found hard such as meat, rice and bread. The only thing I couldn’t tollerate was fizzy stuff yet I knew others who could down a can of coke no problems! Whatever the surgery, we are all different and tollerate things in such a vast spectrum and what one can eat, another would die at the thought of so it seems!!!

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