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Re: Gastric Band Happy Endings??

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Here Here!!!! Totally agree. No surgery will sort out the head and you have to be sure you are completely ready for the change. I managed to lose all my weight with the band (7 1/2 stone) before it had to be removed and then I regained just over 5 stone of that over the following 8 years which I guess on the scale of it wasn’t too bad. I loved my band and was what I would call “in tune” with it. It told me when I was full etc whereas bypass I’m finding a lot different as I don’t get the full feeling that often. I’m eating everything other than high fat and sugar and am losing at the same rate as I did with the band. Ultimately, it is down to willpower and nothing else. I’m sure I could probably eat my way through a loaf of bread right now as I chew everything to a paste and it goes down as fast as I’m eating but my head has to tell me that this is stupid and so I just have 2 slices as a toastie for lunch. I was always able to eat anything with the band but fortunately I’ve not got a raging sweet tooth and those who have did have more problems. Icecream, chocolate and all those other yummy things (if they float your boat) WILL slip through the band very well and then you’re back to square 1. In my mind, I cannot see the point in being given such a wonderful tool and then abusing it. I say tool because that’s all it is. It’s not a cure or a magic spell that makes weight drop. If I had my time again, I would still have the band as it was the first thing that changed my entire life. Having lived from the age of 5 with obesity, I had all the verbal abuse from society and it was the first time in my life I felt normal and to be able to actually enjoy my life. Alas, I’m one of the horror stories but as I say, I’d do it all again if I had my life again – just a lot earlier in life if that was at all possible.

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