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Re: Gastric band consultation next week

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@fluffyclare 29710 wrote:

I’ve booked my gastric band consultation for next week and slightly scared but excited at the same time. I’m going private as I’ve been told I’m not eligible on the nhs due to having no illnesses so to speak. So I turned into Del Boy and have ebayed everything in sight to raise the cash and am finally there yippee!!
Can anyone give me any info of what the consultation will entail??

Hi there and welcome to our friendly forum.

Where and with whom are you having your band Fluffy? (so cute!)

Most consultations are about you telling about your eating habits and how you came to need wls. My one bit of advice? Be brutally HONEST. No-one is going to judge you I promise. The more candid you are about why you need wls the better it will help to make sure you are getting the right surgery for you. You may also be weighed in order to calculate your BMI.

I went to my consultation with Shaw Somers fully expecting to have a band. I had a bypass. I have a raging sweet tooth and was more of a bad choices eater than a volume one so was far more suited to a bypass. I had the right surgery and have lost and maintained for over five years now.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your determination to raise the funds. Treeza is absolutely right when she says that level of determination will serve you well after your surgery. You are one focused young lady 😉

Please ask anything else you need to know as I know some of our lovely band people will be along to help.
Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery | Streamline Surgical will help you understand what a band enatils. You will also find loads of other info on our website so have a good look around.

Past patient success stories are particularly encouraging

Hear what weight loss surgery is really like from Streamline Surgical patients – YouTube

The blonde one at the beginning is yours truly haha!

Doodah x

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