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Re: Ganny’s Weight Loss Journey

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@Ganny 15644 wrote:

Hi all,
Just to let you all know I am feeling so much better now apparently according to the doctor I had picked up a “norvo something virus” and because we are different because we don’t absorb like other that is why it hit me so hard and it was good that I was put on a drip for fluid but I now have no pain and my motions though still loose (Buzz) are a lot better but evry cloud has a silver lining and in the last 2 weeks I have lost a stone so that make 63lbs (four and a half stones) in a 11 weeks and boy does that feel good.
Buzz I am so pleased you have picked up your toys and put them back in your pram, I have misssed your words of wisdom and if you are going to the tea party I will look forward to meeting you and giving you a big hug to say thank you for all your support.
Elaine xx

Hugs all round then…LMSAO = Laugh My Skinny ( but somewhat cute if I must say so myselfs ) Arse Off… game on….
I have realised by checking my last hissy fit was this time last year…. sooooo in order not to repeat it next year I am booking all of April, May and possibly a little of June off…… pre warnning lol….
Oh jesus too much coffee…

Chuffed your feeling better…. as it should be my delicate little flower 🙂

buzz x

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