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Re: Ganny’s Weight Loss Journey

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Ms Ellie

@miss missy 16069 wrote:

hi.its great that your all better now.dont worry about that small will all sort itself out.i too struggle with meat.but am going to persevere as im a true ok if its in a sauce but dry on its own it gets stuck not gonna attempt it again for a couple of months than will give it a go.i am so wary of fish as just after my op i had a terrible reaction to a boil in the bag fish.dont mind as im not a fish miss tuna tho.the thing i cant live without is bread but theres no way i can eat it yet.but will try that in a couple of months too.much

Hi there miss missy I really feel for you on the bread issue bread has always been my favourite food toast, crusty rolls, baguettes, foccacias oh the flipping list is endless!!! I’m happy to say that 8 months out and I’m not really fussed by it now, I occasionally have a toast with cheese, and I have had a little triangle of a sandwich if I’ve been out. I occasionally foam at the mouth when I’m shopping and go down the bread section and see all the speciality breads but it soon passes. Eventually you may tolerate some bread.

Good luck

Much love Ellie xxx

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