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Re: Ganny’s Weight Loss Journey

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Ms Ellie

@Ganny 15964 wrote:

Hi All,
Just been weighed and found I have put on 2lb, kinda expected it after being so ill and not eating and drinking and losing 14lbs in 2 weeks but it was a bit gutting. I am hoping that the body will now settle down and adjust to being fed and watered regular again, still I am back at Chichester on the 16th to see the dietitician so will see what she says, still really really struggling with any meat I think it is the chew chew chewing that is doing it I don’t like the texture in my mouth and it is making me gag, anyone else have this problem and has anyone any idea how to get around it?
Elaine xx

Hi there Elaine try not to worry about the small gain there, it could be one of many reasons why you gained. As for the meat issue I think many of us have trouble at some point throughout our journeys You could have it one day and you’re ok then same thing the next day and then find that you cannot tolerate it. Keep persevering and things will hopefully settle down for you.

Good luck on the 16th

Much love Ellie xxx

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