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Re: Gallstones

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Hi Paul,

This is something I can actually help with. I had two very large gallstones and ended up having my gallbladder out a few years ago. I’ve heard some surgeons take the gallbladder out during surgery if they they think there is a risk or you already have gallstones. I not so sure if that is such common practice this days. Rapid weight loss can increase the risk of gallstones but the main culprit is a fatty diet. I believe alcohol can be a cause too. Seeing as you are avoiding bad fats and alcohol because of the surgery anyway you shouldn’t have to worry but the symptoms include sharp, intense pain in the upper/centre abdomen, Nausea, sweating, vomiting and gas. These symptoms usually show up about 5/15 mins after eating something fatty. They can last anything from a couple of seconds to several hours and if you gallstones get stuck or are large they can be agony. Now having said that, they usually start out very small, my mum has had them for years and only gets the odd twinge. If you feel anything like that just pop to your GP and they can arrange for you to have a scan to check. Getting rid of them is, if necessary, usually done by endoscopy, laser treatment to break up the stones or a simple keyhole surgery to remove the gallbladder.

So there you have it, my experience, obviously not a medical opinion, I don’t think you should worry at all unless you ever get any symptoms and even then it can be dealt with quite easily especially when you are lighter and healthier as Sarah said above.

Hope that puts your mind at rest


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