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Thank you so so much, I do try Doodah Sue 😀

I have passed the 200 pounds mark and the 90kg mile stone falling into the 80s at 89.7kg on my last weigh in Friday a few days ago YAY!

This means I am currently stablised at loosing 1.67kg a week roughly 3 pounds. Hopefully this will continue or not drop much below 2.5 pounds or hit a plateau until I am swiftly approaching the 80kg mark. At the current rate of weight loss, new eating plans which are working nicely, I am aiming for being a size 10 dress size by the end of July 2013 ready for my birthday at the start of August. I’ve just bought my first ever pair of size 14 trousers and cardigan yesterday on film for the program and they actually fit! Funny thing was that one of my daughters took the cardi into the dressing room for herself but it was slightly too big so I tried it and it fitted not just that but looked really nice, its not something I would have chosen but I bought it all the same as its just lovely on. Looking for a smaller size top to go underneath now as all mine are too large.

I’ve also decided to start training for the London Marathon 2015, this gives me about two years to get this body into shape and in time. Sign ups are next year so I have plenty of time to see if this is going to work for me or not. I have lined up two trainers who have experience with working with people with sight impairments for want of a better phrase.

We did our last day filming yesterday, took the kids to the park which was just amazing without the wheelchair, the kids were filmed before Christmas swinging on the swings without me as my chair couldnt get in there so now being able to be part of the action and have it all caught on film was amazing. So so so much fun I can not wait to see the final edit now.

Gym sessions are going very well, I am up to a full hour long workout now which includes cardio and strength training. I have not been swimming for four weeks because the water was so cold it hurt my stomach quite a bit with all the clenching so I decided to give that a miss for a bit until I can sort out my electric quilt situation at home, it is broken so I need another heat source, all this struggling to keep warm people were actually not exaggerating about, it is very difficult to regulate the body temperature if you expose it to extremes, yesterday being outside most of the day filming I only started to warm up this morning and recover from. So swimming is off my list at present in favour of that treadmill at the gym instead.

Eating wise, I have introduced salads again as of four days ago, they are going down exceptionally well as long as I chew the life out of the crunchy parts like onion and green peppers, have been pleasantly surprised at what salad I can manage so its been a bit of adventure trying different types, the only thing that I’m finding a bit difficult is cucumber so leaving that out for the time being.

I’m now 79 days post op, feeling really good about most things, its been a fantastically rewarding experience loosing all this weight and slipping into a good healthier state than ever before, never in my wildest imagination did I think this would be all happening like this so quickly, I thought before surgery that I’d take this year out and maybe by this time next year I’d be at this point, I never ever imagined it would be now that I’m feeling so amazingly healthy, able to walk about some and really start to live life. I have all kinds of huge things planned now like going back to university Sept 2014, the marathon, maybe a couple of walk for life events with the scouts and explorers this year as I’m now an official leader at one of the local scouting units too. Everything is mega exciting and I love it 😀

@Doodah 27799 wrote:

I have absolutely 100% confidence that, if you wish to do it, you will make it happen. You are a trier, a doer, a go-getter, a let’s-make-this-happen person. If you said you would like to travel to the moon, I would book my ticket to Cape Canaveral and buy some binoculars.

Some people are sent more trials in life than are thought bearable. Some falter, feel sorry for themselves and spend their whole lives missing out. Then there is YOU. You have pulled yourself up by the collar, dusted yourself down and made the decision to re-join life. I’ve done something similar but nowhere near in your league. It’s hard, hard work and you are winning. I admire you so much.

Doodah x

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