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YES! this is absolutely the type of thing I’ve been looking for, thank you so much Doodah Sue, I often feel like I am so out of the loop as I dont know about the sort of things that involve walking as its been so long for me. There are endless possibilities with this one, will wait until May then do a “Walk for Life” will start planning it but do the actual walk after my next appointment at QA which is early in May.

So this morning I have finally moved off the 93s into the 92kg slot, this pleases me completely because a) its been difficult finding the right balance of food and keeping it down, b) you dont loose weight without keeping food in, c) the pain involved in vomiting everything back up has caused me a great deal of anxiety therefore that last kilo felt like it took forever to come off, d) been back on full exercise program now for two weeks today have to keep in mind muscle mass weighs more than fat so initially when you start exercising with a full session twice or three times a week the weight loss appears to slows down.

As I’m primarily Anglo Indian, living on cream crackers, low fat cheese spread, weight watchers yoghurts and other bland things has kind of upset me. Usually if I do not eat something with chillies or other spices I do not feel like I have eaten at all, this has not changed since my bypass so finding a balance has been extremely challenging. In Iceland Frozen Foods I found pouch meals which have over 35 – 40g of protein in each one and about half that of carbs. They have flavours from around the world so nicely spicy and tasty as well. Perfect for a quick meal, I managed to finish one pouch once but have gone about 3/4 since then on the other two I’ve tried.

So completely reworked my diet again means that I’ve kept all food items down for five days, my new tummy pouch has had a chance to settle down again and does not hurt any more, the anxiety has gone away because I know I can eat now without the stress of being sick, the weight is coming off again – thankfully!

Relaxing a bit more then, I have realised I might be homesick. I say homesick because I lived in the north east of England for 15 years, only having been back in the south east for 18 months. If only they had the health care I needed up there I would have still been living there, so I’m very blessed to be living here instead as its given me the chance to sort my health issues out, a lot of which has been reversed thanks to steady weight loss for 13 months, I’m on day 51 post bypass op today, but yes, I actually think I might need to go spend some time on familiar home feeling surroundings to take stock of myself again. Everything is huge for me at the moment, the perspective change from viewing the world from an upright position when I couldnt physically see much of it in the first place has been very interesting and completely overwhelming at times. Its all in a good way, I’m loving the new challenges I’m faced with several times a day now but it would be nice to down tools for a few days and just sit at the very secluded beach I can now walk down on to at Tynemouth and just soak up the geordie fresh crisp air, maybe visit my son too who is at uni there as well.

Do I have the courage to take a coach and travel over 325 miles? am thinking on that one and will let you know 😀

@Doodah 27516 wrote:

You know what? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we didn’t see you asking for donations to ‘Walk for Life’ because you are doing it!! And I will happily donate 🙂

Doodah x

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