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Definitely Doodah Sue, we are kindred spirits for certain and so blessed to know each other now finally, its like I’ve known you years and years already 😀

Well I’ve passed the 95kg milestone and officially was told today that I have lost more weight now than I want to weigh at the end of the weight loss journey. That is phenomenal and such a WOW oh my life moment when the weight loss management services lady said it, I was and am just stunned by the news.

I had all my really long right down my back hair cut off yesterday impulsively to celebrate reaching the 95kg mark. I did not decide to have it cut so short until I was sitting in the chair with the hairdresser discussing my new lifestyle of gym training, swimming, kids education, walking. Once decided and she made the first cut taking off half the back, it was like having all the pain, suffering, all the inner torment, frustration at being stuck like that, emotional turmoil, the negativity, the rigid daily routine of waking not being able to move, wanting to die often to just get out of the hole I was in, smoking myself to death, not taking care of myself, all the heartache, distress at such poor health, well it was all like it all just was lifted away carried off on a wave of sparkles when my hair was being taken off. This symbolic step has made me feel even more full of vitality than I did last week.

Back at gym training this week, I want to walk, I want to walk, I want to walk, so will be pouring my heart and soul into getting my body fit and mega healthy as it shrinks down a bit more so I can be stronger and more in control of my body than it was of me before. I know I will be a wheelchair user for at least another twelve months but the bits I can manage on foot I shall be doing and doing very well too.

@Doodah 27454 wrote:

Well this is a first….I’m having a little cry over your post. What you have written could have been written by me. That’s exactly how I was existing. I saw no future. I didn’t ever plan anything, didn’t dare to hope for anything and certainly NEVER expected anything good for myself.

We are kindred spirits you and I. Our journey hasn’t been about size this or that or how many kilos, it has been about survival. We have made it by the skin of our teeth via sheer grit and determination. What a couple of tough old gals we are!!!

Doodah xxxx

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