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3rd January 2013 today, WOW I’ve eaten a puree liquidish meal of mild curry rice and dal mashed up tonight at home, looked hideous but tasted oh so so so good after not having anything for 18 days other than milk and jelly 😀

Op was 31st Dec 4 days ago with the wonderful amazingly talented Shaw Somers, straight forward gastric bypass, three different hernia repairs, the previous surgical area had torn so he repaired that as well. I am very blessed to have had such a magnificent surgeon I’m not even in any pain, I had to take paracetamol liquid earlier but it was because I was developing a horrid headache not because of the abdomen at all.

My time at QA was interesting, on the first day before the op and the morning of the day itself with filming was amazing, everyone was mega efficient and everything ran smoothly. Post op back on the ward however after Shaw Somers visited me things were not so smooth. It went downhill pretty much within the first three hours.

I feel very angry that the ward I was on repeatedly insisted that they had a sheet listing a protocol which they follow after every procedure, they were not working from my own notes therefore kept trying to give me things I was a) allergic to, or b) are contraindications to my main medical condition of HPS Albinism.

When I went in I had stapled to the front of my file that I can not have blood thinners or coagulants, I lost count of the amount of times I opened my eyes and a nurse was preparing them next to my bed stating they’d been written up therefore I had to have them.

Several arguments later, no soup given then when it did come a day later there was no spoon for which I had to wait a further 20 minutes for and even then it only came because I started shouting in the corridor, the final straw for me because I knew I had a freezer full of wholesome nutritious goodies waiting here at home, I finally left the hospital last night earlier than expected and came home.

Now I’m settled in at home having had a good nights sleep and eaten twice, I feel really good. So happy with the op and looking forward greatly towards my thinner and more healthy future.

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