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Thanks again Doodah Sue for such awesome pearls of wisdom 😀

Happy Christmas to YOU very special friend.

Today is day nine of the pre op milk diet for me, its also Christmas Day in my family household of six kids all together under the same roof again with both our two oldest home from uni for the holidays.

So far its been a wonderfully peaceful day, I started off this morning with some present unwrapping for the kids, their faces especially our five year old little boy, he’s been in his absolute element and despite the presents being completely scaled back this year I think the right choice was made for his gift as he hasnt left it alone all day. Then I had a good rest upstairs with a couple of mugs full of warmed milk whilst they all had their breakfast together downstairs, then I got up to cook the family’s main Christmas dinner from scratch which took about two hours. I ended up feeding our three youngest as I wanted them to actually eat a good plateful of the food, I froze some little pots for me for sometime post op in a few weeks as part of the meal was a deliciously mild south indian style vegetable curry so perfect to mash down a bit with a fork, it was made with all fresh ingredients I even ground the spices up by hand too so know everything single element that went into the dish was completely fresh and frozen straight away when slightly cooled.

After the kids meal was out the way I sat down with my marmite drink and jelly, did not mind one little bit not eating the main meal today even though it was all fresh and very low in fat, in the back of my head all I keep doing is telling myself that its only a matter of days now and I’ll be out the other side and getting thinner by the day.

This evening will be curling up in front of the tv for a bit just relaxing together as a family some more.

Its been a perfect day in so many ways, a really special family christmas.

For me the main factors are that I am now a non smoker having completely quit three months ago tomorrow, I’ve lost 72 pounds this year since February 10th 2012, I’ve made several lifestyle changes namely to my eating habits, I’ve prepared my body and metabolism for surgery in every possible way including going to regular patient referral gym sessions twice weekly and swimming club with the weight loss management services, I can now get in and out of the bath without being helped, I can walk fairly quickly up my own stairs more than just once a day at night to go up to bed, all of this is a massive change to that of a year ago when all I could really do was get up from my bed which was in the living room and sit on the sofa unable to move much and in so much pain when attempting to stand for any length of time. So I have masses to be proud of and thankful for this year, today was certainly very very different to that of christmases over the past years.

I am so looking forwards to christmas day next year, whilst I was cooking today I kept thinking of all the things I’d like to do with my family, maybe even go to the beach to run about after lunch ! who knows, the possibilities are endless and the future is looking exceptionally bright indeed 🙂

My operation is on Monday in just five days time OMG its so close now and mega mega exciting

Happy Christmas and Future Christmases Everyone 🙂

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