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absolutely 😀

see you always have such a way of making everything all the madness that comes up along this special journey make sense, a rare skill to have my lovely

yesterday went exceptionally well, I even did some shopping so barely had time to think of food or finish all my milk as by the time I did settle down in the evening I was so tired but twitchy so just rested.

My daughers and son bought me home the Hairy Dieters cookbook yesterday afternoon as a surprise, basically it was so that they can plan things to cook for me and them together in the future, such a sweet thing to do I was very touched, they wanted to make ingredients lists so they could practice making things themselves.

Day 5 of the milk diet so far so good, I have the last swimming club of the year today so want to make it a good one as the next time they see me I’ll be different 🙂

@Doodah 27029 wrote:

How did it go?

DO NOT feel guilty about not feeding other people at the moment – even if it’s Christmas. OK, so they might not get one Christmas that is like all the others but – and this is the really important bit – ask them which they would prefer: the big all singing all dancing dinner like every other year but with the prospect of not being many left ahead that will include you, OR, a bit of a different Christmas for ONE year but many, many more with you in the future. A future where you are happy, healthy and 100% engaged in life again?

See? Absolutely NO competition my lovely ;-))


ps Always here for you all.

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