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Thank you so much Doodah Sue, feeling much much brighter about it all today, day 3 has definitely been way easier than day 2. I went for my official weigh in this morning the last one of the year before my operation and I’ve actually lost 2.7kg in the last three weeks. Every weigh in since the end of August has given more of less the same reading then suddenly I meet Shaw Somers and the team, get given a date, its then confirmed and wow the weight starts shifting again LOL its got to be the machine in me that is forcing those muscles to get in shape prior to surgery that’s the only thing I’ve done differently. Now I’m on the milk diet I am really hoping it will make me shift a bit more before going on to that operating table, every bit counts and helps to make the surgeon’s job a whole lot easier and safer for me. I do feel immensely proud of myself, the support you and a couple of other ladies from here have given me is proving totally invaluable at the moment. I always feel a little freaked out towards any holiday, not being with my own extended family for the past twelve years and all the ordinary pressures holiday seasons bring so this one is all mine as its me doing something for me just for one time in my life, this one is all mine, scary as though it may be I will succeed in this journey. So thank you so so very much for your email addy and sincere friendship, at the moment it truly does mean the world to me as its stopping me from feeling the ‘aloneness’ I always feel this time of year and at times of heightened anxiety. ((hugs))

@Doodah 27013 wrote:

I promise you on my honour it will get better.

My dear friend, John Taylor (he has made loads of videos about Streamline on our Facebook page) was absolutely convinced he would cheat within days of the milk diet as he had never stuck to anything for longer than that! If you watch any of his vids about his journey, the milk diet mentions, you will get an entirely honest and frank account of what it’s like!

Not only did he stick to it, he lost over a stone! He is now 7st lighter and no longer on diabetes meds and no sleep apnoea. Just remember, this is the last diet you will ever have to do. It’s really, really hard – the hardest part. Having said that I found it liberating! The simplicity and lack of choice suits my OCD tendancies perfectly lol!

I’m always here for you ok? I shall even be logging on for an hour or two over Christmas so you can either leave a message on here or email me – – if you are desperate. That goes for any of you reading this post. I won’t have access to surgeons, dietitians nurses etc (they will be having a very well deserved half an hour off haha) but I can metaphorically hold your hand and comfort you.

This will be one of the best things you will ever do so don’t treat it as the enemy – embrace it.

Doodah x

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