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OK so just to recap and a couple more questions :

October 2006 :
Shingles plus secondary simplex virus landed me in special emergency care ward of the Hospital, quite severe nerve damage followed this episode but could not be treated in the usual way because I turned out to be pregnant again.

July 2007 :
Baby boy born via emergency c-section after failed anaesthetic the day before when a planned section for overdue delivery was arranged then abandoned

August 2007 :
Series of infections later, nerve damage very severe, open wound to underside of tummy not healing just getting bigger, now can not walk at all or make it to the bathroom, massive incisional hernia present but thought to be swelling from previous c-section operation and so not treated

December 2007 :
Surgical assessment, hernia is enormous now, mound the size of a generous watermelon on right side of abdomen needs to be removed, no signs of strangulation but everything internally is being squashed with the weight of the mass which is also pulling to the right tearing all the muscles across the abdominal cavity

March 2008 :
very long operation to repair abdominal cavity, much larger porous mesh used than originally planned to close abdominal cavity and keep internal organs held back inside where they should be. Muscles had to be completely pulled and cut back as they were so badly torn in all directions. Mesh is therefore anchored to inside of abdominal skin as there was nothing else to secure it to safely without risk to digestive organs.

April 2010 :
funding for WLS approved April 2010 for one of the north east hospitals, I’d have to be very cold and very dead to be going inside there again to be opened up so I refused it on the grounds that I was moving to the south of the country far to far away.

September 2011 :
then had to locate somewhere to move to in the south and transfer my family of six children, hubby and I back here in Sept again, it was a major upheaval but we survived it – just.

January 2012 :
Straight after the Christmas break and after recovering from the big move over 325 miles back to the south east, I approached my GP for funding referral again and started the long drawn out process of applying being refused, reapplying etc all over again.

June 2012 :
already lost four stone by myself just seeing my GP surgery nurse once every week then two weeks since the start of the year, off all addictive pain killers at last, been referred to the local weight loss management service

September 2012 :
over sixty pounds weight loss this year now, referred to exercise referrals started a program to build some core muscles to enable me to stand for longer than a few seconds, also started at a weekly swimming club run privately by the weight loss services people

October 2012 :
Funding approved 3rd October finally after two rejections this year from Medway PCT, gave up smoking via the Stop Smoking Medway services weekly clinic but no tablets or patches just cold turkey

November 2012 :
started gym sessions to build up more muscle tone especially in the core group of muscles
Met with Shaw Somers surgery agreed for December at Queen Alexandra in Portsmouth

December 2012 :
gym sessions have gone up to twice a week and much more intense they now include the treadmill for under seven minutes at an elevation to get the legs used to walking movements, I’ve needed a massive amount of support from the trainer with this but am thrilled to be doing it.

Surgery will hopefully be 31st December, pre op 7th December.

So far my questions to ask on Friday are about protein powder shakes or meal replacement, how often how much?
migraines post op treatment, sexual activity post op no one seems to be discussing this on any forum or facebook page so throwing it out there now that I intend to be asking about this, how soon after surgery how careful does one need to be etc, the post op diet not too clear on the clear fluids stage how long it lasts and what to include etc, exercise post op how soon or how long a recovery period is generally expected.

I am certain some more things will come up before Friday, the main things are all here but if you think of anything else its mega important that you wish you’d asked beforehand please do let me know.

Great to be here finally an almost bypass post op person, as I go on to take this last leg of the journey with the milk diet which will start on 17th December, I am very very excited to leap forwards into this new life.

Its all been a ginormous learning curve but having made several lifestyle changes already I can not wait for the new me to emerge post operatively.

Thanks for all the support here guys, it truly does mean the world to me at the moment.

Helen xx

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