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I’m very interested to know about protein after surgery typically within the first eight weeks how do people get all that they need to sustain healing and muscle mass so that there is minimal wastage in the muscles?

Following the milk diet starting on the 17th December for me, then surgery 31st Dec, by the end of February some eight weeks later I just know I am going to have undone all the hard work I’ve been putting into myself since February 10th this year if I dont plan in advance from now with my diet, starting with protein as this is the area I neglected terribly when I had the reconstructive surgery on my abdomen in 2008 so I know only too well what will happen to me if I do that again.

I was thinking maybe getting some sort of powder to make a shake I can consume with water not milk throughout the day to get a good dose of protein during the first few weeks. But so many to choose from with varying prices which one does one go for?

I did meet someone at one of the Kent open information mornings last month who was one month post bypass op who was drinking a water based shake actually on the say, he looked amazing like he’d not gone through any surgery so healthy in appearance despite an incredible rate of weight loss. Regrettably I did not get his details or the make of his shake which I saw him fill with water from the fountain in the room which was used for the WLS info morning, he’d pre measured the pink powder so all he had to do was add the water, give it a good shake and start drinking.

Any ideas?

Last time I had surgery my hair loss and teeth breaking were amongst the side effects of not eating enough to sustain the healing. I will be phoning the dietician if there isnt one available at tomorrow’s gym session to see what they have in mind but I am also interested in what has worked for some of you post op folks too.

Thanks 😀

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