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Hiya Doodah Sue 😀

Yes I have made a scrapbook, it goes from birth to now showing me at various stages of my life, I did take it along to show Denise Thomas and Shaw Somers on Friday 23rd November at my appointment because it shows the just over five stone loss progress from February this year till now as well. The book starts at the back with the baby pictures then goes from about three or four ages on each page until up to this year then the pictures are a bit more spread out because obviously I wanted to show my dramatic weight loss of 2012. There are some great before pictures though showing me at the end of my first marriage, even Denise commented how much older I looked at just over 150kg back then too. So well worth doing the book and there are plenty of pages left to show my going into 2013 for a few months as well. I’ve been using mixed media to decorate the pages, no where near finished as I have only colour washed the backgrounds and finished decorating two pages so still quite a bit to go but it gives me something to focus on in the days ahead waiting for surgery. Will know for sure on Wednesday morning (today) the exact date which I understand was penciled in for the 31st December for the bypass 🙂 I am so excited not nervous at all, have started at the gym officially yesterday and even went swimming on Tuesday evening too. Can not wait for the next session on Thursday on that treadmill, to go from wheelchair to that was pretty amazing.

@Doodah 26749 wrote:

I see from your Avatar that you have a camera. Are you going to take photos throughout your journey? That would be such a good way to keep yourself and others motivated. We even have a section on here devoted to it!

I didn’t do an ‘official’ album of my progress and I so wish I had. The best way is to do it with a frame of reference – such as a door. It’s absolutely amazing to watch people shrinking before your eyes! I’m going to get that put up on Facebook today as I think it’s such a fabulous momento of how much difference wls can make to a person’s life – physically and mentally. Wouldn’t a scrap book be an wonderful thing to keep forever. A permanent reminder of how much you have achieved.

Dodoah x

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