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thank you so so very much Claire, I am deeply touched you have taken the time to reply, please keep in touch send me an email address for you. I am very excited for Friday to arrive, I am keeping everything crossed for you that you continue to shrink with happiness 🙂
Helen xx

@Happy-go-lucky 26600 wrote:

Hi Helen
You must be getting very excited now, I know Friday is not you op but your appointment with Shaw Somers at QA. When I decided wls was for me and I would have to fund it myself, I was very nervous to make the first move. I too made my first contact online, then received a phone call and it all went from there!

I have a number of medical conditions too and at times struggle to get my point across but no problem with Shaw he is such a lovely person not judgemental at all and at no time did I feel something had been forgotten. He is a very good communicator and very good listener.

The first person from Streamline I met was Doodah, sounds like you would get on well with her, tea courses through her veins she is always drinking it. Initially I thought I would want a band because it was less invasive surgery but by the time I had my appointment with Shaw Somers,I had thought long and hard about the pros and cons and changed my mind. Having met Doodah I realised that perhaps a bypass was more suitable for my needs and lifestyle, fortunately Shaw agreed!

I’m now sitting here seven weeks post op tomorrow, wishing I had done this years ago. Including the pre op diet I have now lost nearly three and a half stone.

I will definitely be thinking of you at QA on Friday.

All the best

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