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Hi Doodah

such amazing things to say, thank you so very much 😀

Just starting week four of being a non smoker in approx fifteen minutes time, this week also one of my daughters happened to come across the envelope of photographs I’d been saving to make a scrap book, they’d been put away and we could not find them anywhere so now I have them they are all inside the book already and the last couple of nights I’ve spent colour washing the background of each page. I have photos for pretty much every year of myself from 0 to 42, there are enough pages to take it right up until after WLS to show some shrinking in size still.

I went to an info session this morning which was as expected, a total brain overload which I came home from feeling totally exhausted but so enthusiastic about next Friday in Portsmouth 🙂

Thanks again for being there, pray it will be a bypass or very similar op I really do not want a band.

Cant wait to meet Shaw Somers too, I really hope it will be him as if anyone can work miracles inside my abdominal cavity its him I have every faith and confidence, its like I have known this with every inch of my being since January this year so now the wait is nearly over its mega exciting.

Helen xx

@Doodah 26498 wrote:

Hi Helen

Oh my life what an amazing post!

It actually gave me chills reading it and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. Such courage, determination and fighting spirit. I know in my heart that you will go on to achieve even more fantastic things.

Well done on every single level. You are already utterly inspirational.

Love Doodah x

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