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I am absolutely mega excited Doodah, for me the WLS is the icing on the cake and I simply can not wait to get there next Friday for the pre op on the 23rd November.

I’ve already come so far, day 19 today of being a non smoker, its been hell and back some days but most days I just keep reminding myself why I’ve done it and feel so proud, this time last year I could not even make it to the toilet so an amazing amount of work done on reconnecting mind and body already by me which is just phenomenal, yesterday I had to increase the weights I’m lifting as front pushes above my head and back down again because the ones I was on started to feel like they didn’t weigh anything, on 3rd September a few weeks ago when I started all of this I could not even get 500g above my head it was a real and complete struggle but now I’m on 2.3kg on each arm so a massive achievement again.

On Monday I start at the actual gym – a real a proper GYM !!!! I have never even been inside one before its amazing. When the guy from Tipping the Balance asked me to go I was very excited now I’m positively bursting knowing everything is now within my reach and all my appointments are coming up so the wait is nearly over too.

Thanks for being there

Helen xx

@Doodah 26172 wrote:

Hi Helen

Super-duper well done for giving up smoking. That takes a heck of a lot of determination.

I think your plan to answer the psych questions truthfully is a good one. I had 3 years of therapy before my bypass as I knew I needed to sort my head out first before tackiling my body. For me, it felt like the bypass would be a plaster over a wound that won’t heal if I didn’t. I have to say, the therapy was ten times harder than dealing with wls! However, I learned why I used food to self medicate.

We are now in November so your appointment is not far away. Are you getting excited yet?

Doodah x

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