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Thank you so much Doodah it certainly does help being here and knowing I am not alone in this journey, that in itself has really helped pull me through the last few months whilst going through the process of applying, being turned down twice and fighting my corner finally to have come through the other side well on my way to surgery and a better healthier life.

I used the email questions directly to the surgeons from this forum back in August and got a nice email back from Shaw Somers, I want a bypass too but there might be a query over that method because I have had three c-sections and a massive incisional hernia mesh repair which turned out to be almost full reconstruction inside my abdominal cavity, I have a large mesh insert now which is acting as an abdominal wall holding in all my organs. When it was put into my body in March 2008, the surgeon said if I lost more than two to three stone the size would have to be adjusted as it would be too big given that it is anchored to the inside of my skin because the torn tissue and muscles had to be cut right back in order to fit it, I was so badly ripped in all different directions there was nothing else to anchor the mesh too safely at the time.

Come a long way since then, still use a wheelchair when I go out but this time last year I could not make it to the toilet or get into the bath so now am really enjoying that freedom especially baths with my little toddler boy, they are really fun, could only dream of that before. As I’ve lost just about five stone since February I feel like I have made eons of progress so aim for that all to continue. I’ve joined a local weight loss program back in June and started at their weekly swimming club two weeks ago, will be meeting the trainer to look around their gym too in a couple of weeks so its all good.

Shaw Somers has suggested that a sleeve gastrectomy might be feasible depending on what the adhesions are like in the abdominal cavity. I have not read about the sleeve gastrectomy yet so dont know the differences or long term implications, aiming to watch some videos and do some reading later this evening about the two methods so will be better placed to understand it all by the time I get the initial appointment.

I will of course leave the final decision as to which method is best to him as he after all is the expert and I just want to be never put in a position of being a large person ever again !!

In his last email reply, Shaw Somers asked that I be referred to QA in Portsmouth not St Richards as he is moving there and didnt want the whole process slowed down by having to do re-referals etc this end. Its about 100 miles away from me but to be honest I would have travelled to Scotland if that is where I could have got and appointment with Shaw Somers because I know that to be the safest hands possible, agree with you completely on that one 🙂

I am so looking forwards now, I’ve been in touch with the stop smoking scheme in my area today and will start on Champix on the 18th October, I should be fully quit by the end of the month. I know I have THE best reason in the world to do it for myself now, so excited about all those smaller sizes of clothing and the other exciting things I will be able to do that I cant at the moment. I want to prolong my life now and be as healthy as possible, its almost like someone has thrown me a new life and I so want it.

I am sure you know that feeling yourself only too well.

Thanks again for being there, I am so grateful to you for all your support

Helen xx

@Doodah 25680 wrote:

Hi Helen.

Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you! I hope you have enough energy to do the happy dance lol!

The first appointment is for you to tell Shaw Somers (and the other members of the team) exactly what you eat, and when and how you eat it. This will help Shaw Somers to guage which type of weight loss surgery would serve you best. You will most definitely have the chance to give your preference but I personally let his decision be the one to go with. I wanted a band but Shaw suggested I would do better with a bypass – he was right: of course!!

Anything you need to take with you will be asked for so don’t worry about that. If you have any questions about what will happen in the first appointment, give the team a call at the hospital (is it the QA?) I had mine done at St Richard’s in Chichester so can’t tell you what to expect and be 100% right. I also had mine done 4+ years ago and things might have changed considerably.

One thing I know that will never change, is that you are in the safest of hands and will be treated with respect and dignity at all times. Also, you will never be alone as we are all here on this forum to help and support you every step of the way on your journey to a healthier and happier life :-))

SO looking forward to hearing all about it.

Doodah x

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