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@myheartexposed 27452 wrote:

Thank you Doodah Sue, I hadnt even thought to try on my hats, will do that after posting this 🙂

In my official weigh in today I have lost 7.8kg which is just over 17 pounds since 31st December 2012 so feeling very chuffed with this indeed as I didnt really feel anything was happening. I now weigh 95.6kg 210.76 pounds 15 stone.

When I started this journey a year ago January 2012 I was in such a bad way unable to make it to the toilet in time constantly wetting myself, sleeping in the lounge as it was impossible to get upstairs, heavily dosed up on pain killers most of the time, constantly coming down with bugs fevers and other horrors, I was just existing for the sake of existing, sure I did loads of designing and other stuff that one could do sitting down or leaning backwards plus all the daily household stuff, home schooling etc but I was dying inside my soul clinging on for all its worth trying to make sense of every day. A year of forcing myself to loose weight and move about even if at first that meant moving my arms above my head only because I was too confined to manage anything else. I was utterly determined to achieve something last year, it was a case of live or not live for me, I was crumbling at every turn with two steps forwards and twenty back again.

So with complete determination and good listening doctors, medical team, I went for it completely pushing everything else aside, I was like a robot with weight loss, weighing measuring all food, journaling like a crazy person, even documenting how much water I was drinking and what time! Its all paid off though as having lost so much weight prior to my bypass on 31st December the recovery process is nothing like as harrowing as it would have been had I not done all of that preparation first. All year all I wanted more than anything else was to be thinner and healthier, now that dream is coming forwards as a reality so I do feel immensely proud and so so so so excited about the future all the things I will be able to do with my children and myself.


Well this is a first….I’m having a little cry over your post. What you have written could have been written by me. That’s exactly how I was existing. I saw no future. I didn’t ever plan anything, didn’t dare to hope for anything and certainly NEVER expected anything good for myself.

We are kindred spirits you and I. Our journey hasn’t been about size this or that or how many kilos, it has been about survival. We have made it by the skin of our teeth via sheer grit and determination. What a couple of tough old gals we are!!!

Doodah xxxx

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