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@myheartexposed 27131 wrote:

thanks Doodah Sue 🙂

The staff and nurses were so lovely, really busy sure but very nicely mannered all the same no matter how busy things got. The problem was that one of the doctors without looking at my notes wrote things up for me which I do not have as they are dangerous for my other main condition, so when challenged about this I was repeatedly told in front of my husband, daughter and friend on separate occasions that they were not following my own notes that they had this protocol to follow for general bariatrics. This to me is negligent and completely unacceptable. The poor nurses didnt know what to do as all they knew was they had instructions to give medication and the patient was refusing it, only when I did refuse it they went away retrieved my own notes and saw that it should not have been written up so pointed it out to the doctor. Yet it happened again and again.

I realise it was bank holiday, the staff for the wards cover was very limited but this had I not been alert and assertive could have been very dangerous. In hospital one should be able to relax and recover from surgery not have the added stress of making sure you are being given the right medications.

Like you say, its done now, I’m home, the surgery was a massive success and OMG yes, that first meal last night was heaven. Shaw Somers did an amazing job inside my abdomen, I can not wait to see the film footage of it all which apparently I’m to receive next week 🙂

Lots more rest for me today I feel very tired but know everything is working as it should which is the main thing so I just feel delighted with how its all gone and so looking forwards to the future.

Oh my goodness, you get to see your own operation! How exciting is that?! I bet you can’t wait!

That was one heck of a gaffe at the hospital. Good job you, like most of us on here, are very self aware and not scared to challenge things.

Make sure you rest….lots. That was the mistake I made after my last op. When I have stage two in February, I will not do a thing for at least a week. Pot, kettle and all that lol!

Can’t wait to hear your updates my lovely 😉

Doodah x

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