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Re: From fit to fat and back again…a Canadian’s tale.

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Firstly Brains ………. I think most people here on the forum can relate to the confidence thing … everyone says to me, but your so bubbly and confident and blah blah blah …… but again its a front … something that I think we hide behind to get us through. … and soon my lovely, that front will be gone … we will be oozing with confidence. Also, being overweight throughout our lives I do beleive, has taught us so much and made us all the caring and loving people that we are, so once we are slim, we will not only be blessed with the healthier look, but we will have the hearts that some people could only ever dream of having, and as a bonus we also instill that goodness into our children too. So he might have gone off with his ‘size 10’ but she will never be able to offer what you have, because you will have it all ….. sooner than you think!! :kiss: I am proud of myself because I know, just like all of you on here that we are lovely lovely people with so much to give. So look in that mirror and smile at yourself, and be proud. Because beleive me, there are a lot of people out there without us realising that look at us and think, if only I could be like them.

My hubby had an affair 8 years ago, I was devastated and I kicked him out. She was also a size 10, and I still to this day have not forgot what hurt he put me through! From that day he has been a different person, he has never stopped punishing himself for what he done, and our relationship is stronger now than it has ever been. I gave him another chance and he took it by the horns and turned our lives round. He always says that he only has 1 regret in life, and thats his regret. I trust him more now than I ever have, and we get on really well. People say once a cheat always a cheat, but there are exceptions in life.

Maggie, your story was lovely to read, I had gall stones and I also had Pancreatitis, OMG the pain, I have never felt anything like it in my life. I was also hospitalised and was literally on deaths door, what an awful experience that was. I also now have no worries of that, I am Gallbladder free too!! So glad that you joined us, its great reading everyones life experiences, you learn so much.

Much love to everyone
xxxPrecious xxx :grouphug:

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