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Re: Freezing cold

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@treeza 30739 wrote:

I know I was warned about being cold but really! I’m freezing! Shivering! I’ve got cardigan, socks nightdress & wrapped in a duvet & I’m still shivering! :0(

It is utterly miserable and I’m not going to deny it. When we had no heating in this house last year for two weeks, I cried every single day as my feet and hands hurt so much. There was snow on the ground but we had no heating at all. It was one of the worst fortnight’s of my entire life. I couldn’t think properly, do anything that required motor skills and, worst of all, I couldn’t eat anything as I just couldn’t keep it down. I don’t digest food very well when I’m cold. I ended up going to my Mum’s. Her house is like a sauna as she has COPD. It certainly made my husband get a shift on to get it fixed.

Seriously though, Thermals are a MUST. As are hand warmers, fleece lined socks and slippers, indoor hats, and my fave the good old fashioned gilet! I have half a dozen in different colours and thickness. Also a scarf round the neck works wonders. In fact, if you think of Dick van Dyke in ‘Mary Poppins’ and channel that look, you should be fine haha! I am wearing fingerless gloves as I type – cor blimey guvnor!!

Plenty of warm drinks, a great deal of extra clothing and reminding yourself that it is preferable to sweating like a boiler stoker will help. I still HATE it but I would be much colder if I hadn’t had wls – as in dead :-O

Doodah x

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