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Re: Four weeks today…

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@Vickster 34198 wrote:

It’s hard to believe, but my surgery is four weeks today. Nerves are beginning to kick in now, tummy keeps doing that light flippy thing! Got my pre-op assessment next Wednesday, and start the milk diet the Monday after that. I can’t wait for the milk diet to start, I am finding having to decide what to eat really stressful as I get nearer to the date, and just want to not have to make that choice for a while. Does that make any sense at all? My mind is just whirring at the moment and is making my OCD difficult. We bought a new to us car on Friday and I am really struggling to be in at the moment, it is perfectly clean but I just can’t do it. Need to mind dump a bit methinks!

It’s all good though, mega excited and mildly terrified!!!

x x x x

It’s all absolutely normal! Your OCD is probably in overdrive because you are trying to micro manage everything and you can’t. I have OCD and when I find myself in a situation over which I have no control, it goes totally stratospheric!!

I loved the milk diet for the same reason – I didn’t have to make any decisions and it was easy to follow. I completely understand how you feel. when I feel like I have no control over what is in the future, I clean the oven and hob! I have been known to do it in the middle of the night. Funnily enough, people who have OCD tendencies tend to love the strict regime that wls brings in the early days. This is only my own experience of meeting up with other wls people, not any scientific research though.

I’m very excited for you, Vickster. The next few weeks will either fly by or drag beyond the telling of it haha! As for the car, get in there and clean it to within an inch of it’s life. If you are unable to do that, pay someone else to do it for you. There is something so uniquely satisfying about a beautifully clean car isn’t there? And cookers haha!

The best is yet to come. I LOVE sharing this part of the journey with people.

Doodah x

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