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Re: Four weeks today…

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@Vickster 34200 wrote:

Oh Doodah, thank you x x You are so right. Yes, I am trying to micro manage everything. Every single little thing, and I can’t! And my physical well being at the moment means that I can control less and less. I want to be able to scrub the house from top to bottom, but in truth walking from room to room at the moment is a challenge. But we have got someone coming to do a deep clean for us next week, so that I feel on top of everything. The car is booked in for a full valet on Thursday. At work we have a car cleaning company that employs some of our clients with Learning Disabilities, and they do an amazing job, so got it booked in this morning.
Feel overwhelmed and so touched by all the support x x x
Next week I am going to do my cooking for post op, so that is another thing I can take control of. I am such a fuss pants!

LOL @ ‘Fuss pants’.

I was right where you are now 7 years ago. Wanting to stay on top of everything but physically just not able to do so. It is utterly frustrating. That’s when OCD sneaks in. If you can be in control of anything, no matter how small, you have to have TOTAL control at all times!! My dressing table has always been 100% exactly as I want it to be. Everything positioned right, in the right order and colour co-ordinated. Why? Because I could do it sitting down. I’m still the same though haha! Nothing pleases me more than having everything in it’s place.

However (you knew this was coming lol) I have now accepted that I cannot do it to the rest of the entire house. So, it is clean and tidy but it is not perfect. Having wls has taught me so much more than simply how to eat, when and what. It has taught me that there are some things that are not meant to be micro managed – it’s the way of the world. Chaos exists so it must serve some purpose, right?

Brilliant decisions on the house and car cleaning. As for the cooking, OCD the feckin life out of it my lovely. Have it exactly as you like it. You will soon be in a position to be able to decide what things you want to be in control over and what is not worth the effort with because you have such a busy social life! I’m 100% serious about that. When you are flying off here, there and everywhere, the way the loo rolls are stacked won’t matter a jot. Good times are coming Vickster – be prepared to not give a rat’s wotsit about the small stuff in life 🙂

Doodah x

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