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Re: Four weeks since bypass and a bit worried

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Hi All

Thanks for the advice and support, I have my post op appointment on the 3rd May, that makes it an extra long weekend for me!! I think I’ll take your advice Miss Elle and see if I can see the dietician when I’m there, it can’t hurt and might put my mind at rest. Also, as I’m used to writing down what I eat from my weight watchers days I think I might start a food diary between now and then to show her, just to give her an idea of what I’m doing, I’m bound to forget on the day, by brain leaks something chronic…..

I have found something I have difficulty tolerating, Ryvita, I had one this afternoon for lunch and boy did I feel it after, I think I’ll leave that for a while longer, good job I had my crackers with me.

Work is going fine, although tiring, seem to be back to square one with the afternoon nap when I get home. I’m on reduced hours this week and next, if I need it and everyone is so supportive. I have my first test yesterday, a birthday in the office and was offered a doughnut with icing and sprinkles on and I didn’t ever want it, yah me…. I did feel good about that, also got a dress on today that I haven’t been able to wear for two years….

Denise I will PM you ref the swimming, I have an idea….

Good to hear your doing well Elaine, I can’t even think of mash potatoe now without feeling really nausous, funny but I suppose I’ll get over it in time. As Phil has hidden the scales, I was getting obsessed with weighing myself when I got home from hospital, I don’t know how much I’ve lost but I’m definitley feeling better. Even managed a walk round Walmer Castle on Sunday without having to stop and sit down every time I’d gone a bit of a distance and didn’t need my inhalor once, I’m feeling so great now I can’t believe it’s happened so quickly.

Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on and get some homework done.

Take care everyone and thanks again for the help and support.


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