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Re: Four weeks since bypass and a bit worried

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miss missy

i too feel that i am eating too much.can somebody please tell me exactly wot foaming is?yeterday everthing i ate agreed with me apart from last nite when i soread 2 crackerbreads with peanut butter(never tried this before)thought was gonna die.had the most horrendous cramp pain under my left breast that came and went over a 15 min period,then started burping then i was fine.had the same feeling with a teaspoon of cottage cheese the other day.wot on earth is it dumping or frothing.really dont feel like im doing things rite at my 6 week check up next week and have also started a food diary from also still really fine in the day but as the evening progresses i get worse and worse.thats why i feel like am doing everything so anybody else like me or am i just a freak of nature!!!!!!!!!much love.xxxxxx

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