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Re: Four weeks after bypass and starting to panic, am i doing something wrong

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@Ganny 23737 wrote:

Hi Yasanne,
At four weeks post bypass, I was just beginning to go over on to more solid food, still mashed down and with a sauce or gravy added, I knew and still do (I am now 14months post bypass) when my pouchy was full as I got a pain just below my rib cage and just stopped eating. At the four weeks stage I still wasn’t eating a lot (I eat more now) and still working out what I could day by day. I didn’t put on any weight at that early stage though I do every so often now, not loads just a pound or two but it comes off as quickley as it goes on. I would not be that worried about it as sometimes the body just adjusts it self to the drastic lost of food and weight and it takes time to catch up, you may find that you have lost inches with the weight gain and as I said I personally wouldn’t worry about it but if you are you will be having your post op appointment soon so ask them or give the centre a ring where you had your op.
Elaine xx

Hi Yasanne

Elaine’s advice is spot on. Try not to worry about fluctuations as they are perfectly normal (especially for women.)

One further tiny bit of advice – put the scales away as therin lies madness! Try not to obsess about the numbers and focus more on healthy nutrition. Trust the surgery to do the work for you if you stick to the plan.

You are doing fabulously ;-))

Doodah x

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