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Re: Forceval ???

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@Happy-go-lucky 29012 wrote:

I actually managed to get a packet of Forceval Capsules about a week ago it was a chance comment in a local Tesco pharmacy and the pharmacist started chatting we got onto the subject of Forceval and he said we don’t get much call for it but have 30 on the shelf, I didn’t think any more about it until a month later when I realised I was getting low on them ( I only have to take one every other day because I went into B12 & iron overload). So whilst in the same Tescos I tentatively asked if they still had them not expecting a positive answer, well yes they still had them my husband piped up any chance of holding them back until I got a prescription, they said yes!

So there are some around but not many hopefully what I now have will be enough to get me through until they are widely available again. Happy hunting out there….

Thanks for this! I have some too but i normally take Sanatogen Gold and have never had any trouble. My dear old Mum thought I took Forceval and managed to blag me a carton! I will use them but I’m really not bothered about the shortage as there are so many great alternatives. Always remember, any vitamins and minerals are better than none 😉

Doodah x

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