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Fantastic advice Katy. Thanks for that. Like you say, these first few months are absolutely crucial to future success.

I see Miss Jones that you use the word ‘craving’. It is very telling indeed. It’s what we old timers call ‘head hunger’ and it is your worst enemy. Do absolutely anything you can to silence that nasty little beggar as much as you can. It is the devil sitting on your shoulder willing you to fail. On the other shoulder you have angels like Katy telling you to do the right thing.

If you risk dumping once it might be enough to put you off for life – it is THAT awful I promise you! It is likened to a diabetic hypo. I personally sweat, my heart pounds in my chest, I salivate a terrible gooey froth and eventually bring up a huge glob of it and most times it is accompanied by runny tummy too!! Sorry to be so graphic but it’s the best way to warn you what might happen should you waver at this stage.

Be kind to yourself. Experiment with new foods you may not have considered before – healthy ones. I didn’t know how much I loved papaya until I had my bypass! Don’t go overboard on anything with lots of natural sugar either though (fruit) and stay right away from anything ‘fatty’.

Follow your guidelines and maybe consider buying Carol Ball’s recipe/cookbooks?


She also sends out a monthly news letter if you sign up.

Also, how about having a look in here

Bariatrics megastore

Sugar free heaven!

Katy and all the other fabulous people on here are always more than happy to help you if/when you feel your resolve is wavering. this is a tough old journey but remember you have many hands to hold along the way. You can always message me if you need extra help too. We are all in this together.

Doodah x

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