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Re: Food ideas

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LOL…. Sugars,

Sugars are present in most things and we venture into it without really understanding.
Natural sugars are not as bad but can cause some to dump…

Your find yourself being a label freak when shopping …lol.

Whilst some can, its best not to try 🙂 its really not a good thing being sugar tollerant when you had surgery with the intention you would not tollerate it… or it would give you some very nasty reactions….

As someone with a very sweet tooth, my habbits have changed although I do occasionally have some sort of treat without too much trouble, because I can, but rest assured its so much less than it ever was…. and can be quite sickly at times..

Sweeteners can and often substitute the sweet rush, cerial bars were my down fall and leaded to the longest plateau when I was thinking these are healthy they really were not as I substituted so many other things for cerial bars for convienience.
Old habbits die hard.

Try to work at a good selection of foods, it will pay dividends on results.
If you feel like your faultering, shout for suggestions. Sweet cravings stay with us, and only when your comfortable with eating will you try, for fear of dumping and frothing is enough to make you steer clear….

My comments will be frowned upon by some as we really should not venture into these things, its not healthy and it will cause plateaus, I am just trying to be honest with my experience. I actually wished I did dump on sugars…. I dont need them…

If not risking dumping or frothing think of hitting a plateau and that should be enough intially to keep you focused…

Please dont go their if you can help it….
Have more control than me…

Buzz xx

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