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Re: Food detective BBC

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@Kimberly 34970 wrote:

Did any one else watch the food detectives this week on BBC . Oh my goodness it was about sugar alternatives and the effect they have on the brain !!!!!!! Apparently although 0 Calories the brain want more food afterwards so people eat more!!!!! I think I’m going to try and give up NAS squash and sweetness in my coffee . Lucky lol I drink tea just with skimmed milk. .

I gave up artificial sweeteners ages ago as I found that it made me want sweeter things all the time. I did it because I was going to give up sugar in my tea (lots of dental problems) so I needed to wean myself off the ‘need’ for sweet tasting foods. I use honey to sweeten things if I need to – at least it’s 100% pure and natural. It’s so hard to do the ‘right thing’ isn’t it? Especially after weight loss surgery! I’m learning all the time – literally new things every day. thanks for this heads up Kim. It’s certainly one to share. Will find the link to the programme and post it here so others can see it 🙂

Doodah x

*here it is.

BBC iPlayer – Food Detectives – Episode 3

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