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Hi all

I’m so happy that you can now all ‘re-mind set’ because you know what needs to be done to get back on track. It will be the thing that stops you from ever putting back on all the weight you have lost. You don’t blame anything or anyone else and just get back on it – the journey to health and happiness. I’m so proud of you. It shows that you have the skills to change your life forever, even after a few setbacks.

When I have a little gain (4 pounds and NO more) for whatever reason, I get back to basics. Soup, porridge and loads of veggies/salad with lean/low fat protein. It’s amazing how much your body thanks you for it! Mine almost gives a sigh of relief at not having to deal with ‘crappy’ food and drink (Christmas and holidays being the main culprits lol.) So long as we recognise that it is OUR responsibility both for how it happened and how to to put it right we will always be a couple of steps ahead 😉

Also pleased that we all have this place where we can come along for support and encouragement. NO judgement here.

Doodah x

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