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Well i haven’t written for a few days – weekend was somewhat challenging with a migraine friday/saturday and i always get really hungry when I have a migraine ! Kinda had to give in a little bit as I think my body is saying I need some more food ! But I did try to limit it and it was low fat crisps etc not 2 tubes of pringles!!! Saturday afternoon I felt a lot better and went off to a murder mystery dinner party and I really dropped the ball. I realised I got complacent. I’ve drunk alcohol before, i’ve eaten peanuts before and a little bit of sweet stuff but after a very silly combination where i missed the main course cos i felt too full and decided to eat creme brulee !! (whatever possessed me !!) I dumped big time ! I’m not a dumper but I had to go sneak off to my mates spare bedroom and lie down for an hour ! Lesson learnt !
Sunday was boring and long and I learnt someone I knew died so honestly it was not my best head/food day but I decided that as of Monday 8am I’d start again and I have – I will not let myself go down that slippery failiure slope !
So my new focus is to not get complacent ! And not to be silly at my wedding; imagine dumping at your own wedding !! It wouldn’t be a good look ! Glad I learnt that lesson!!

I’ve felt really hungry over the last few days and so am concentrating on good food/liquids etc but my little head is doing a little panic – restriction gone?? no more weight loss !! So i’ve come on here and had a good read and as always it’s so reasurring to know my concerns are similar to so many other !!
Right off to eat some cherry tomatoes !

Tamo xxx

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