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Thanks doodah. Tbh I really needed to read others problems with bands to encourage me to take action about my probs. I just don’t want to scare peeps!!

Today’s focus has been talking to myself about how far I’ve come. A friend gave me a pressie of a group picture of our friends taken a few weeks ago… And I HATE the pic of me…. I actually felt a bit despondent when I saw it. But I can’t let my brain go funny cos of one photo. I am focussing on reminding myself that there are also some great pics of me! How I see myself in pictures is probably not how people see me:-) I have come a long way and I won’t do what I would have done before and give in and eat the £1 chocolate ( probably at least a fivers worth;-)!!! Instead I will drink my milk and know that I will be closer to my goal by tomorrow!!! Xxxxx

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