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Hey cupcake wishing you all good luck. I had a revision from band to bypass. It’s so easy to blame ourselves when WLS doesn’t go exactly as planned but its often a variety of reasons. For me I had band problems, my head still wasn’t sorted ( not sure i’ll ever be totally sane;-) ) , I ate too much…. Basically I needed more help , so this time I have more help I know where my faults were and I’m gonna work hard to resolve these issues…. Life’s a journey , often things don’t go as planned, sometimes we falter but seeing why we faltered and trying to change some things is all we can do!!! I sometimes regret things that happened with my band and some one did ask me if I regret not having the bypass first… Short answer no… I chose the band… It didn’t work , I’ve tried my next option…. I’m not saying I never sit here and think ‘what if’ ??? But I try to tell myself that there’s no point it’s done embrace the new changes and learn from the old!! Xxx
Ps don’t change your name it’s cute!!! X

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