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Re: Fluctuating weight

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ruby tuesday

How frustrating for you, how about ringing streamline and saying you need to speak to someone, perhaps the dietician? I am pre-op, but was watching the fat doctor videos last night and saw Mr Sommers telling a pre-band op patient the weight loss is slow with a band and would take 2-3 years, so I doubt you are doing anything wrong, or that the band is not working.

You say you are excercising more (and well done for that), so remember, muscle weighs more than fat, and lets say you didn’t have a band, but were doing what you are doing, your body would be changing, and burning off the fat, so it makes sense that is what is happening now. Try to keep off the scales for a while, measure your body at the points like waist, bust etc. write it down, and come back to that in one month and re-measure. Bet there is a difference!

The last time I lost weight I did that, and it reasurred me all was well, and then I slowly began to buy smaller clothes.

So, eat healthily, enjoy the fact that the weight will be coming off and you have changed your lifestyle, and laugh at anyone who asks what you have lost, telling them you are too busy enjoying life to check, but feel great!!

Hope that helps a little. Best wishes. x

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